Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pure Bred Yorkie Terriers

Upcoming Litter - April 2013
Parents of the Pups

  This is Nikki (Dam to the Pups)  She is 3 years old & weighs 5 lbs.  Her body is compact &; she has very fine bone structure.   She has smooth, sleek, easy to maintain hair.  Her temperament is very friendly & playful.  The Aug 6/12 litter of two pups is her first litter. 

Another Picture of Nikki.

This is Pasquel (Sire to the Pups)  He looks like a puppy but is really 3 years old & weighs 4 lbs.  His body is compact with very fine bone structure.  He has super soft, woolly hair that makes him look like a little teddy bear.  His temperament is very friendly & playful.  

The Aug 6/12 Litter of two is his first litter.

  Another Picture of Pasquel.

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